Our Vision

          The soul of Be-ing starts with the traveler. The services we offer are designed to be convenient and inexpensive, while giving the feeling of being home away from home. Staying at hotels can get costly and its difficult to find a home cooked meal. For this reason we provide a communal kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals and 4 rooms with built in kitchens inside. For those who don’t want to prepare their own food we have an onsite cafeteria, one look at our menu is sure to satisfy your appetite.

At Be-ing we aim to create community amongst our guests, the lonely traveler will never feel lonely again. Interact with other guests at the common kitchen or have a beer and enjoy the scenery at our rooftop garden. If the tropical heat is making you sweat cool off with others by enjoying a dip in our pool. Never outstay your welcome because when you stay at Be-ing you're here with family.